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Jc Scape is BACK and better than ever!
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Jc k0ed
Tfi 4 life
Server status
Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:55 pm by PhyoZ
It always says OFFLINE on the runelocus thing now, i never get on. Any reason why? Sad

Comments: 5
Christmas Background!
Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:04 pm by Jc k0ed
Our Hoster, Luke, Has made a Christmas Background and layout to our website, Good job Luke!

Comments: 0
My Birthday/Xmas
Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:29 am by luke
My b-day is on the 30th, Xmas is on the 25th, LEts make some events and Pk some nubs!

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Forums are running
Fri Dec 11, 2009 12:33 am by Moo
The forums are up and running
We are on Forumotion (Free)

If i'm missing a section just say it here.

I added a point system if it wins the poll it can stay and vice versa.

The point system says Money: 1
That's how manny points you have

I was thinking maybe a shop where you can trade points for items...?
Not something i can run so i'll have to ask that

(I'm only admin to help …

[ Full reading ]
Comments: 10
Dying bug fixed!
Sun Dec 13, 2009 11:00 am by luke
ok, Ive done some research and it turns out you only get stuck from dying from NPC's

as long as you have a sword (u need it to eat) u can use ::save an heal yourself, then all youll have to do is log out and back in. ANd your back.

This is a good way to learn to not be a noob at train! lol!

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Getting a Domain name! Waiting for the E-Mail!
Fri Dec 11, 2009 1:23 pm by Jc k0ed
Well I paid for a domain name at a secure site (well, google said it was secure) so now I have to wait for the E-Mail with my Login Customer ID for their site, and I can link us back to them!


7.00/yr for the first year

9.00/yr for every year after that.

Private option: Data will not be stored to the Public, but I can not change the domain site after I create it.

[ Full reading ]
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.Com domain name! (Still Pending, but will have soon!)
Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:26 pm by Jc k0ed
Well we got our domain name, but you can't see it yet due to the status.

Domain status : Domain registration is being requested.

So soon we should have our new URL.


Can't wait!

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 Age of Empires II (with conquerers expansion)

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PostSubject: Age of Empires II (with conquerers expansion)   Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:40 am


I love runescape, but I also love age of empire II, Please join and play with me! rabbit

File includes the following:

Age of empires II
Patches ( use on ^ after installation)

age of empires II conqueres expansion
EEE(Eye candy for map makers) (only works with expansion)

File: 529 mb


How to Download:

- download my file off of Mediafire

-Extract part one of age of empires II in the folder

-password: unm.malware-site.www

-after extraction, click setup, choose desired settings for the game.

-Extract No-Cd mod and replace game with it

-put patches inside the age of empires II folder with all the other things (where setup was)

-run patches and wait paciently

-Run game and have fun


-extract the file (other 2 files are needed to use it)

-password: unm.malware-site.www

-run setup

-choose desired settings

-Extract the krack and replace game file with it (the expansion)

- Run and have fun

-Optional: take the empire_x1 files and put them into the data file of age of empires II, this should make them replace other files. The EEE comes with tons of new things. ( I recomend that you play the game and make atleast 1 map just to see the normal things before you use this and go advanced)


Estimated total time of game w/ expansion:2 -3 hours

Ive put all this into one file, but the extractions and installations may take a little time to finish.

For any other problems goto:

File Link:

Note: file missing patch C, Please get that from aok^


To play online:

More info at aok ^

Lobby - You can easily play with strangers around the world using a client, A good one is voobly, goto and register, once logged in you will see a download link on the right, install that and you will be ok.
then goto the lobby part of voobly and join one.

Msn- in an msn chat It is possible to play with everyone else that has it in the chat you are in.

Ip- type in the other player's ip and you will join them

local- if you have more then 1 pc or mac that has age of empires, make a game in the multiplayer part.
If you have hamachi, others can play too! (locally)

You will have to portforward for this game if your ussing clients or msn. there should be a link on voobly or ok if you have any problems.

Guide made by Luke , Information by Aok, multiplayer used in from voobly. Game from

Note: this is my first Guide that Ive ever made so dont criticize me.

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Age of Empires II (with conquerers expansion)
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